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Giving up on what life throws at you is not healthy and won’t give you peace. Functional movement disorder is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is uncontrollable tremors. We strive to provide you with solutions to your essential tremor that will bring back that sense of hope. Medical diagnoses that are considered a burden for you can be easily treated and solved with technology. We are here to shed some light on the symptoms you are facing with essential tremor, while at the same time providing the right equipment, tools, and technology that will ease the process. Whether you find it hard to eat, write, or sit still, we are here to provide the natural essential tremor remedies for you. Weighted gloves, spoons, and more can be found here to soothe your pain. Don’t give up hope, just put your trust in us as we lift your burden and ease your troubles.


Essential tremor is a kinetic tremor, meaning it is much more noticeable during movement than at rest
Tremors affect one side of your body noticeably more than the other.
Tremors are most obvious in the hands.
Tremors might also present themselves in the voice (trembling voice), or in the head (incessant nodding), but rarely in the legs/feet.

Assistive DEvices

The scientific improvement regarding essential tremors has led to many great inventions.

Here are some of the non-invasive solutions that actually work for reducing annoying symptoms and moving difficulties:


People who suffer from functional movement disorder won’t be able to do their daily tasks properly, due to the uncontrollable tremors. Unfortunately, there is no decisive remedy or solution to remove the tremors. Therefore, we are offering this essential tremor device, also known as the Steadi-One Glove, and guarantee that it reduces the tremors’ symptoms. The weighted glove is designed by professional specialists and built to move in the opposite direction of your tremor. Besides, our hand stabilizer is made of soft cotton to provide maximum comfort so you can wear it for long times without wearying your hands. Our essential tremor device is 100% safe and has no side effects. We are here to provide the people who struggle with the tremors, the best solution that can help them perform their daily activities safely and comfortably.

LiftwarE SPOON

Living with Essential Tremor could get more difficult every day. Even when doing the simplest activities, like eating, holding your phone, or even holding a cup of water. That’s where Liftware becomes essential in your everyday life. Liftware is a self-stabilizing electronic spoon that works most effectively for people who struggle with shaking-hands. This product works with a processor technology that senses the way of shaking and moves the tool accessory in a reverse way. It assists in eating normally with complete comfort and confidence instead of feeling embarrassed or stressed in every meal. You can easily use it after a few days of training as a soup spoon, usual spoon, pitchfork, or even as a spork. The first few days might feel different or uncomfortable, but after getting used to it, you will feel casual and satisfied to the max. With Liftware technology, nothing can stop you from having a better life.


Digit Grip

Although essential tremor is annoying and can cause a lot of difficulties. Yet, technology has played such a great role in providing solutions to make the life of people suffering from essential tremor much easier.

The Digit Grip is a small device that can be attached to any mobile or tablet to make it more stable. This Digit Grip forms a comfortable palm of a hand. It allows you to hold any mobile or tablet and makes handling large devices much easier. 

It’s a simple product, yet full of features that can make conducting businesses or simply surfing the web with a phone or tablet very comfortable and smooth.

Like always, features must be completed with style. So, feel free to choose your favorite texture. The Digit Grip is available in neon pink, lifeguard red, fusion, seafoam, cobalt, and numerous other colors.



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