A Complete Guide to Medications, Treatments, and Assistive Technologies for People with Essential Tremors 

 February 17, 2022

By  Shakyman

Wearable Devices


The Steadi-Two is a glove designed to reduce tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors. This assistive device uses two magnets to control a disk that moves in equal and opposite directions in response to a tremor. The Steadi-Two is lightweight, battery-free, and non-intrusive. Additionally, the glove can be worn interchangeably on either hand, and it comes in two sizes (small and large). The glove is machine washable when detached from the stabilizing component. 

In lab tests, the Steadi-Two provided users with up to 80% tremor relief! The Steadi-Two was designed to provide tremor relief without causing any of the side effects associated with medications or surgeries. As such, the Steadi-Two is a risk-free tremor stabilization device. The Steadi-Two is currently available for pre-order. The device retails for $499 USD, and pre-orders are expected to ship by May 2022. Steadiwear offers free shipping to all customers based in the USA and Canada. Click here to learn more.


The Readi-Steadi® is an anti-tremor orthotic glove system to reduce both active tremors and resting tremors. The Readi-Steadi® system is lightweight, weighing less than one pound. It operates by analyzing the users’ unique, individual tremor patterns and then applying sensory cues. This device is created for people of all ages, experiencing mild to severe hand tremors. The Readi-Steadi® has provided up to 50% of tremor relief in people with Parkinson’s disease, Essential tremor, Dystonic tremor, Resting tremor, Action tremor, Cerebellar tremor, and Psychological disorders. This assistive device is created by Krista Madere, Licensed Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist.

In order to place an order, Readi-Steadi® requires a completed online application, a signed physician order form, and clinical information. In some cases, the Readi-Steadi® can be covered by insurance, and the cost varies depending on payment methods. The Readi-Steadi® is custom-made, and therefore not refundable once a consultation has been completed. Readi-Steadi® ships worldwide. Click here to learn more.


Tremelo is an assistive device that uses Tuned Mass Damper technology to reduce tremors as seen in people with Essential tremors. The technology works by shaking back and forth against tremor motion. Tremelo has been shown to reduce tremor severity by up to 85-90%. This assistive device has been clinically tested across the United States, and it is FDA approved. It is non-invasive and easy to wear, and it does not use electricity. Tremelo retails for $749 USD. Included in that cost are one Tremelo and two arm braces. Click here to learn more.

Cala Trio

Cala Trio™ is a wearable device designed to reduce Essential tremor symptoms. It is small and easy to wear similar to a watch. It works by delivering surface stimulation at the wrist, which causes a disruption to the central tremor network in the brain that is known to cause hand tremors. In clinical trials, 54% of patients using the Cala Trio™ experienced a 50% reduction in tremor severity. Cala Trio™ requires a referral from your healthcare provider. Click here to learn more.

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